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At IT Intellectuals we offer the following key services to help you meet your RFID needs:
(Note: These services can be selected either individually or as a package)

1. RFID Assessment and Planning Service

IT Intellectuals RFID team will work with you and your team to explore your organization�s business and operation processes to identify where an RFID technology solution can be beneficial.

High-level business cases will be developed and potential solutions will be vetted based on your business requirements. Critical success criteria will be formulated and aligned with the RFID solution goals and objectives. We will work with you and your team to develop an optimal RFID architecture based on your business requirements.

� Analyze client�s organization structure, supply chain and operation processes to identify challenges and pain points

� Formulate RFID technology solution goals and objectives

� Create high-level business case to demonstrate solution viability, ROI model and identify potential solution components

� Identify metrics for assessment of benefits presented in the business case

� Perform organizational, operational and IT readiness assessment

� Perform site survey and RF assessment

And more �

2. Solution Definition Service

IT Intellectuals solution definition service generates the detailed system level requirements needed to develop the RFID solution. As part of this effort, the business case is further refined and updated with quantified data to justify the investment of capital and resources. We will assist you in developing an operational framework and project plan. Key services will include creating and implementing vendor and partner strategy, business process mapping, generating system requirements specifications and project plan.

� Refine high-level business case and expand into full business case to support investment

� Critical selection of RFID hardware and software vendors

� Create and implement vendor and partner strategy

� In-depth As-Is and To-Be business process mapping, re-engineering and requirement analysis

� Build complete System-level Requirements Specifications (SRS) for RFID tags and reader devices, mobile handheld devices, Middleware,
Network communications infrastructure, Software application and interface modules, User-defined reports, etc�

� Formulate data integration and analytics strategy

� Create a Pilot Rollout, Risk Mitigation, Detailed Deployment Project plan

And more �

3. Development and testing service

In the development and testing service, IT Intellectuals will use the specifications produced during the solution definition service phase and translate these into RFID hardware, communications, and executable software. Our software team will conduct coding, unit testing, integration and retesting in a systematic manner. RFID hardware is also assembled and tested. Once development starts, our program management team will manage the process for development and testing.

� RFID reader hardware and tags assembly and testing

� Software coding and qualification testing

� RFID system and software integration and application programming interface (API) testing

� Structured end-user testing based on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) plans

� Create customized RFID solution user manual

And more �

4. Deployment & Support Service

IT Intellectuals will implement the pilot rollout for the RFID Solution and then deploy the complete RFID system within the organization. Once the solution is deployed the appropriate processes are created and implemented for repeatable deployment and support. In addition, key learning�s are captured and incorporated into the future features roadmap. System operation support is provided for continued performance based on user requirements, and as needed, system modifications are incorporated. The RFID solution is periodically assessed through In-Process Reviews (IPR) to determine how the system can be made more efficient and effective.

� Generate solution deployment report

� Generate On-site Acceptance Test (OSAT) report

� Create system administrator support training documentation

� Create an End user training documentation

� Make In-Process Reviews (IPR) assessment and report

� Create RFID solution roadmap document

And more �