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> back to RFID main page

IT Intellectuals works closely with auto manufacturers and suppliers to deploy RFID technology in the area of asset management, process automation and supply chain optimization. RFID enables real-time visibility of physical parts across multiple sites synchronized with data flow, thus streamlining the supply chain.

Areas of RFID deployment include:

  • A Tier 3 auto supplier and parts and asset tracking between DC and assembly plants
  • RFID Asset Tracking for Customer/Supplier supply chain inventory management
  • Automation of tools and machine loaning process
  • Asset track and trace

Our RFID technology solution in the automotive supply chain helps to achieve benefits such as:

  • Automates delivery process and workflow
  • Eliminates paper work and manual data inputs
  • Improve asset utilization and turnaround
  • Automated replenishment alerts once inventory falls below safety quantity
  • Automatic prior intimation to suppliers of needed items
  • Automatically generate reorder points for each item
  • Real-time report of item history and audit trail to improve process control
  • Eliminate surplus inventory
  • Reduce order processing time