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IT Intellectuals works with the leaders in Financial Services industry which includes capital markets, banking (Corporate and Retail) and insurance sectors. We have helped these sectors offer numerous products and services including Management and delivery which involves very large number of complex business processes.

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Mohan has been an inspiration for many Indians who have pursued the American dream. Add some more quote material here. And so on…

IT Intellectuals believes that Customer Relationships go beyond a couple of sales and support events.

CRM Solutions provided by IT Intellectuals allows companies to gather and access information about customers’ buying histories, preferences, complaints, and other data so they can better anticipate what customers will want. The goal is to instill greater customer loyalty.

IT Intellectuals has the expertise in configuration, customization and implementation of off-the-shelf CRM products such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, etc.

Since CRM applications are customer centric and need data from back office applications to fulfill the demands placed by customer needs, IT Intellectuals can help you with the need for integration with other enterprise applications.

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