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In the high-tech industry, average product lifecycles run 12 to 18 months, from product conception to retirement. Fierce competition is squeezing margins. Sophisticated customers demand innovative, customized products that become obsolete or commoditized quickly, leaving companies with excess inventories and huge write-offs.

IT Intellectuals solutions for the High-tech industry will help you:

  • In managing ever changing market conditions
  • in managing the demand variability
  • QoS
  • Integration of process cycles to improve flexibility and management of costs.

Further, our solutions also address the challenges to efficiently and cost effectively:

  • Manage product lifecycle
  • Integrate and manage the supply chain
  • Maximize profitable customer relationships
  • Gather and interpret business metrics / intelligence
  • Participate in trading communities
  • Outsourcing of IT and functional operations
  • RFID